Jars Of Fun

I’m absolutely in love with mason jars, because, well, you can do pretty much anything with them. They’re cheap, super versatile, and I’ve seen them in so many different DIY projects lately. I just had to share some of the great ideas I’ve crossed paths with.

1. Ticket Memory Jar – If you’re like me, then you have an box filled with all your old movie stubs, concert tickets, and more. Instead, grab a mason jar, fill it with your old tickets and prop it on a shelve in your living room with some picture frames. Gives a more personal touch to the room.  (source)

2. Cupcake In A Jar – What a cute idea for a birthday or valentine’s day present. Bake a cupcake or two, put some icing on it, attach a spoon with some yarn, and you’re good to go. (source)

3. Candles – These make great centerpieces for a table. Fill a jar with water, add a floating candle, and tie some straw on there. So simple yet so pretty. (source)

4. Pre-mixed Cocktails – Bring out a metal tub, fill it with ice and fill it with a bunch of pre-mixed cocktails to any event. Guests can grab their drink of choice and just add a straw. (source)

5. Cookies In A Jar – Such a great gift to give on any holiday, and there’s many recipes around the internet for cookies, brownies, etc. Add the ingredients to a mason jar and tape the recipe on the back. I really like the way they dressed up the jars below with plaid fabric on the top and a tie to seal it.  (source)

6. Flower Vase – Add some flowers with water in the jar and slap some burlap on the outside to make another great centerpiece idea. (source)

7. Summertime Lemonade – Nothing tastes better in the summer than ice cold lemonade. And now you can spruce it up by making mason jar cups with a straw and lemon on the side. Even experiment by adding your own label for events! (source)

8. Mason Jar Meals – This is so clever and handy. Pre-mix meals and store them in mason jars for easy access to bring to work. (source)

9. Lights – Mason jars also make for a great light fixture. String them at any event, or even hang them from the ceiling individually. (source)

10. Soap Dispenser – What an economical and creative solution to make your own soap dispenser. Follow the instructions on this blog: (source)

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