March Photo Challenge

I’ve pretty much always been into photography. My first photography class was in high school and I definitely fell in love with it. I kind of took a break when I started my job, but lately, it’s been weighing on my mind to pick it back up again.

I bought a Groupon for a 5-hour photography class, and one of the things I learned in the photography class is to just get out and go shoot stuff. Things that catch your attention, things that move you, things that scare you, just go out and shoot. Practice makes perfect. You’re not going to get better by just studying photography on paper.

You can say that I’m ready to go out and take on the world with my camera, but I don’t really know where to start. I’ve seen these “photo challenges” all over the web, so I thought I’d make my own, and I hope y’all will follow along.

When setting this up, I wanted you to have more leeway with the order, so you may start at #1 and go in chronological order, or you can start at #15 and skip around; it doesn’t matter. The topics are not assigned to a specific day. Just go out, start with whatever appeals to you on this list, and cross them off when you’ve got a photo that fits with the category.

I would love to see some of y’alls photos along the way. You can tag me on Twitter @kaylameyer1. It would be great to take some of y’all’s photos and put them on my blog :)

3 thoughts on “March Photo Challenge

  1. I love this idea. I am going to take them with my dslr and I will send you a link to where I will have all the pictures. You can just let me know if you want any for your blog.

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