15 Websites Similar To Pinterest

It seems like the entire world has jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon in the past year, including myself. It’s one of those sites you can literally spend hours on. “Visual Bookmarking” has definitely made its mark for 2012 as one of the top new internet trends.

Here are 15 Pinterest-like websites that may spark your interest. Some of these sites have differed from Pinterest by centering their site around a specific theme.

1. Dribbble – This is a show and tell for designers. The images are high quality and original pieces. You can search by color, project, tags and can even find designers by location, skills and availability.

2. Weddinggawker – A wedding planner’s heaven. All the photography is submitted by wedding bloggers/photographers from around the world. And the website’s editors review submissions daily and only choose the highest quality, most beautiful images to showcase.

3. We Heart It – A teenager version of Pinterest, this site is imaged based and has “tops tags” similar to “trending topics.” There are all kinds of images on this site, but the majority of the images center around pretty faces and outfits.

4. Wanelo – This is the perfect place for shoppers. Find unique products and stores you’re never heard of. You can actually buy any of the posts you see, just click on the post and it will direct you to the original site you can purchase it from.

5. FFFFOUND! – An image bookmarking site, it is particularly popular with photographers because of the awesome photography found here.

6. Zootool – This site is for the all-around organizer. Collect, organize and share your favorite images, videos, websites, articles, documents, links, etc. It’s known for its easy-to-use interface and working well with various blog and social media outlets.

7. Designspiration – The perfect spot for design, architect, photography and fashion design inspiration. Search by color, type of design, etc. Their photos are high-quality and user submitted.

8. Gentlemint – It’s pretty much a Pinterest for men. Maybe Pinterest feels too girly for some men? Well, here is your solution. It works the same as Pinterest, just with “manly things.”

9. Trippy – This site is perfect for travelers out there. Use this site to collect and share travel ideas with friends to plan a trip. Or find ideas for a future trip with customized travel boards.

10. Image Spark– A creative-based site, Image Spark allows you to collect inspiration to put in your “moodboards” which can be resized, edited and customised. A neat different between Image Spark and Pinterest, is that you can choose if your moodboards on Image Spark can be public or private, which is a very nice feature for creatives.

11. Chill – This is the perfect visual bookmarking site for videos. With so many viral videos going around on the web, there’s no way to see all of them, but you can discover countless videos on Chill and bookmark the best ones so you can watch them over and over again.

12. Ology – Get in the know about everything that’s trending on the web with Ology. Trending topics, breaking news, viral videos, Ology is about finding out the latest info about your passions.

13. Knack Registry – A new take on a wedding planning, create a virtual pinboard of your wedding registry for your guest to see and purchase. Find items your want for your registry without being constricted to a national retailers. You can register traditional gifts, unique items and your perfect honeymoon including airfare and hotels all in one place. Your guests can go straight to the link and purchase it online.

14. Postwire – Centering their site around connecting business personals or companies to their clients, Postwire allows you to create a private board for your clients, whether you’re a designer, personal trainer, business developers, etc. Instead of sending your clients countless emails with articles, links, pictures, etc., just send them a link to your shared webpage that will have everything in one spot.

15. 500px– A photographer’s dream, you can click through thousands of high-quality, stunning photographs taken all over the world. It’s a photo community that lets you discover, share, buy and sell inspiring photographs.

March Photo Challenge

I’ve pretty much always been into photography. My first photography class was in high school and I definitely fell in love with it. I kind of took a break when I started my job, but lately, it’s been weighing on my mind to pick it back up again.

I bought a Groupon for a 5-hour photography class, and one of the things I learned in the photography class is to just get out and go shoot stuff. Things that catch your attention, things that move you, things that scare you, just go out and shoot. Practice makes perfect. You’re not going to get better by just studying photography on paper.

You can say that I’m ready to go out and take on the world with my camera, but I don’t really know where to start. I’ve seen these “photo challenges” all over the web, so I thought I’d make my own, and I hope y’all will follow along.

When setting this up, I wanted you to have more leeway with the order, so you may start at #1 and go in chronological order, or you can start at #15 and skip around; it doesn’t matter. The topics are not assigned to a specific day. Just go out, start with whatever appeals to you on this list, and cross them off when you’ve got a photo that fits with the category.

I would love to see some of y’alls photos along the way. You can tag me on Twitter @kaylameyer1. It would be great to take some of y’all’s photos and put them on my blog :)