15 Websites Similar To Pinterest

It seems like the entire world has jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon in the past year, including myself. It’s one of those sites you can literally spend hours on. “Visual Bookmarking” has definitely made its mark for 2012 as one of the top new internet trends.

Here are 15 Pinterest-like websites that may spark your interest. Some of these sites have differed from Pinterest by centering their site around a specific theme.

1. Dribbble – This is a show and tell for designers. The images are high quality and original pieces. You can search by color, project, tags and can even find designers by location, skills and availability.

2. Weddinggawker – A wedding planner’s heaven. All the photography is submitted by wedding bloggers/photographers from around the world. And the website’s editors review submissions daily and only choose the highest quality, most beautiful images to showcase.

3. We Heart It – A teenager version of Pinterest, this site is imaged based and has “tops tags” similar to “trending topics.” There are all kinds of images on this site, but the majority of the images center around pretty faces and outfits.

4. Wanelo – This is the perfect place for shoppers. Find unique products and stores you’re never heard of. You can actually buy any of the posts you see, just click on the post and it will direct you to the original site you can purchase it from.

5. FFFFOUND! – An image bookmarking site, it is particularly popular with photographers because of the awesome photography found here.

6. Zootool – This site is for the all-around organizer. Collect, organize and share your favorite images, videos, websites, articles, documents, links, etc. It’s known for its easy-to-use interface and working well with various blog and social media outlets.

7. Designspiration – The perfect spot for design, architect, photography and fashion design inspiration. Search by color, type of design, etc. Their photos are high-quality and user submitted.

8. Gentlemint – It’s pretty much a Pinterest for men. Maybe Pinterest feels too girly for some men? Well, here is your solution. It works the same as Pinterest, just with “manly things.”

9. Trippy – This site is perfect for travelers out there. Use this site to collect and share travel ideas with friends to plan a trip. Or find ideas for a future trip with customized travel boards.

10. Image Spark– A creative-based site, Image Spark allows you to collect inspiration to put in your “moodboards” which can be resized, edited and customised. A neat different between Image Spark and Pinterest, is that you can choose if your moodboards on Image Spark can be public or private, which is a very nice feature for creatives.

11. Chill – This is the perfect visual bookmarking site for videos. With so many viral videos going around on the web, there’s no way to see all of them, but you can discover countless videos on Chill and bookmark the best ones so you can watch them over and over again.

12. Ology – Get in the know about everything that’s trending on the web with Ology. Trending topics, breaking news, viral videos, Ology is about finding out the latest info about your passions.

13. Knack Registry – A new take on a wedding planning, create a virtual pinboard of your wedding registry for your guest to see and purchase. Find items your want for your registry without being constricted to a national retailers. You can register traditional gifts, unique items and your perfect honeymoon including airfare and hotels all in one place. Your guests can go straight to the link and purchase it online.

14. Postwire – Centering their site around connecting business personals or companies to their clients, Postwire allows you to create a private board for your clients, whether you’re a designer, personal trainer, business developers, etc. Instead of sending your clients countless emails with articles, links, pictures, etc., just send them a link to your shared webpage that will have everything in one spot.

15. 500px– A photographer’s dream, you can click through thousands of high-quality, stunning photographs taken all over the world. It’s a photo community that lets you discover, share, buy and sell inspiring photographs.

Wall Galleries

I’d like to highlight my new favorite thing: wall galleries! I’m totally obsessed with them right now. I’m currently trying to make my own wall gallery in my new apartment, so I thought I’d share some of these cute wall galleries as inspiration for you to try one in your home!

Everyone has a life list right?

life list

So I ran across A Lovely Life List and Mighty Life List the other day and got inspired. Here is what I’ve come up with 100 things to do in my lifetime:


  • Backpack Europe
  • See Mount Everest in Nepal
  • Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome
  • Spend an evening in an Irish pub in Ireland
  • See the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Go on an African safari
  • Admire “The Mosa Lisa”
  • Put a lock on the Pont de l’Archevêché (a bridge in Paris)
  • Take a gondola ride in Venice
  • Sky lantern festival in Thailand
  • Look for Nessie in Loch Ness, UK
  • Eat a croissant at a real French cafe
  • See the Northern Lights


  • Alaska: Go on an Alaskan cruise
  • Arizona: Visit the Grand Canyon
  • California: See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso
  • Colorado: Snowboard in Denver
  • Florida: Visit Disney World for the first time
  • Hawaii: See an active volcano erupt
  • Louisiana: Try gumbo in New Orleans
  • Nevada: See a show in Las Vegas
  • New York: Climb up the statue of liberty
  • New York: Stand in front of Times Square
  • Oregon: Visit a waterfall in Portland
  • Washington: Go to Pike’s Place Market in Seattle


  • Touch a whale
  • See a live panda bear
  • Take a picture with an owl
  • Go whale watching
  • See an octopus in the ocean
  • Ride on an elephant
  • Swim with sharks
  • See a giraffe in the wild
  • Hold a monkey


  • Scuba dive
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Go sightseeing on a scooter
  • Zip line through mountains
  • Surfing
  • Hot air balloon
  • See an underwater shipwreck
  • Conquer my fear of sky diving (or bungee jumping)
  • Parasailing
  • Go in a submarine
  • Explore a cave
  • Hike a mountain
  • Go on a road trip through a random state
  • Kayak on the ocean
  • Hang gliding
  • Dog-sledding
  • Fish in the wild
  • Ride in a helicopter


  • See Paramore in concert
  • Meet one of my childhood idols
  • Be a member in the audience of a TV show
  • Take a picture with an A-List celebrity
  • Get a backstage pass at a concert
  • Meet the President


  • Attend an NHL game | NFL game | MLB game | NBA game
  • See an Olympic event live
  • Go to the Super Bowl
  • Attend a World Cup soccer match
  • Go to a Formala 1 race


  • Create a great online portfolio for myself
  • Win an award that’s design related
  • Get to 100 sales on Etsy | 500 sales on Etsy | 1000 sales on Etsy
  • Design for someone famous
  • Design & mail out Christmas cards one year


  • Get my first pet
  • Buy my first car
  • Host a dinner party
  • Pay off all my student loans
  • Grow my own garden
  • Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself
  • Start a tradition
  • Re-do a piece of old furniture


  • Give a large sum of money to charity
  • Spend a day going random acts of kindness
  • Donate blood


  • Get a tattoo
  • Shoot a gun


  • Decorate a cake like a professional
  • See a broadway show
  • Run a marathon
  • Stay a night in a log cabin
  • Own over 100 books
  • Witness a rare celestial event
  • Learn how to use my camera on manual
  • Put a message in a bottle and toss it in the ocean
  • Vote for the first time (I just became American 3 months ago!)
  • Learn another language
  • Be part of a flash mob
  • Grow a collection of something
  • Go to a paint your own pottery studio
  • Fly a kite




(Above) – Multnomah Falls in Portland, Oregon on September 30, 2011

(Above) – Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, Washington on October 1, 2011

(Above) – Sightseeing on a scooter in Victoria, B.C. on October 2, 2011

(Above) – Whale watching in Victoria, B.C. on October 3, 2011

(Above) – Attended a live taping of the The X Factor in Austin, Texas on May 25, 2012

(Above) – My Etsy store “Owl You Need Is Love” reached 100 sales on July 9, 2012, after only being open for 4 months!

(Above) – Trying my first gumbo (ever) in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 14, 2012. It was delicious!


(Above) – Visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time in Arizona on August 21, 2012

(Above) – Took a road trip through Phoenix, Mesa, Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon in Arizona from August 20 & 21, 2012

(Above) – I finally bought my first car! A 2010 Hyundai Tucson on September 15, 2012, plus it’s already paid off! Whoo!


(Above) – Because I just became American, I was finally able to vote for the first time on October 25, 2013


(Above) – Went to my first MLB game (Texas Rangers vs. Houston Astros) on March 31, 2013, which was also Opening Day for 2013.

Rider Strong

(Above) – Probably my coolest life list completion because it was such a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, I met one of my childhood idols, Rider Strong (who plays Shawn Hunter on’Boy Meets World’) on June 7, 2013. 

High-Low Hemlines

Short in the back, long in the front. Also known as the “mullet” dress or skirt, the high-low hemlines are standing out strong this year, and especially for summer. Here’s 10 high-low hemline inspiration to get excited about.

Get Your Green On

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, and everyone will be raiding their closets for green. To wear for luck? To celebrate the Irish? Who knows. But if you don’t pull out some green apparel or accessory, you’re bound to get pinched.

Here are some green inspirations to go a more fashionable route for St. Patty’s Day. After all, green is a very popular trend right now. From sea foam, mint to kelly green, this color is hitting the web hard. How will you get your green on this weekend?

10 Tips To Make Your Apartment Feel “Homey”

I just found out that I’m going to be moving into a new apartment with one of my really good friends in two months and I’m so excited about it. And one of our main goals is to make our apartment inviting and warm. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a cold, disconnected environment. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 tips that can help you make your apartment feel “homey.”

1. Add a rug

A rug is an easy way to open up the room and make it feel larger. Rugs also pull the room area together. So especially if you have a dining area that is in the same vicinity as your living room, adding a rug will separate the two. And adding a colorful rug can make the room pop.

2. Put up some curtains

There’s nothing more bland and boring than white, plastic blinds. Putting up curtains will add a more personal touch to your apartment, no matter how simple they are. This may not be an achievable task for everyone though, make sure to check your apartment rules on putting holes in the wall.

3. Make the most out of your balcony/patio area

I’ve never been one to do anything with my balcony/patio area, but it’s such a wasted opportunity if I don’t. Apartments already have a limited amount of space, so you should take advantage of your balcony/patio area by adding a bench, table, or even a plant, that will make it more inviting.

4. Throw some stuff on the walls

This has to be the easiest way to instantly change the feel of your apartment. Plain, white walls are just depressing. Putting stuff up on your wall, whether it be posters, art, decor, paintings, or mirrors, makes your apartment more personal, colorful and warm. Check out Etsy for great one-of-a-kind art, design and decor pieces for your home.

5. Add more seating

Creating more room for seating in your living room makes it more inviting and comfy. Maybe add a chair or two next to your couch, trust me, it’ll make a difference. A spacious living room is always one with a good amount of seating.

6. Create a theme in your bathroom

Bathrooms are not one of the most exciting places, but use that to your advantage. Create a theme that will unify all the items in your bathroom. Have fun with a color theme or even a nautical/beach theme, like below. Add some themed prints, decor and shower curtain to your bathroom, and it will definitely brighten it up.

7. Pops of color

Color is always a friendly thing to work with. If your spaces is looking dull and boring, look for ways to brighten it up with some color. Whether it’s the smallest objects, accents of color can change a room’s appearance easily.

7. Put up a bookshelf

No matter what room you put it in, a bookshelf is the perfect way to add more storage space, create a personal touch, and cover up empty wall space in your apartment. Don’t just throw stuff on there though, you want to create a visual piece for the room. Look at ways to different way you can decorate your bookshelf.

9. Add an aroma

Candles or potpourri can be pretty and practical. You’ll feel more at home in your apartment if you create a warm, friendly aroma around your apartment (just make sure it’s not overwhelming.) I just love my Scentsy warmer that I plug into the wall. It makes my apartment smell great and it doesn’t create a fire hazard.

10. Think about materials

When looking at getting simple things for your apartment like a TV stand, coffee table, frames, dresser, tables & more, think about the materials they’re made out of. Wood is way more warm and inviting than metal or steel. Don’t buy all your furniture from the same store. Instead, mix together pieces from different textures and styles. It’ll create a more interesting and inviting vibe, rather than the “furniture store look.”

Braids With Personality

Braids have always been a classic look, but now they’re coming back with versatility. Side braids. Messy braids. Fishtail braids. Headband braids. French braids. And much much more. The possibilities are unlimited. Dressed up or dressed down, they can be used to express your mood, your personality, or your style.

Check out these 10 examples for braid inspiration.

March Photo Challenge

I’ve pretty much always been into photography. My first photography class was in high school and I definitely fell in love with it. I kind of took a break when I started my job, but lately, it’s been weighing on my mind to pick it back up again.

I bought a Groupon for a 5-hour photography class, and one of the things I learned in the photography class is to just get out and go shoot stuff. Things that catch your attention, things that move you, things that scare you, just go out and shoot. Practice makes perfect. You’re not going to get better by just studying photography on paper.

You can say that I’m ready to go out and take on the world with my camera, but I don’t really know where to start. I’ve seen these “photo challenges” all over the web, so I thought I’d make my own, and I hope y’all will follow along.

When setting this up, I wanted you to have more leeway with the order, so you may start at #1 and go in chronological order, or you can start at #15 and skip around; it doesn’t matter. The topics are not assigned to a specific day. Just go out, start with whatever appeals to you on this list, and cross them off when you’ve got a photo that fits with the category.

I would love to see some of y’alls photos along the way. You can tag me on Twitter @kaylameyer1. It would be great to take some of y’all’s photos and put them on my blog :)