DIY Home Decor

Since I received an overwhelming response from my “DIY Style” blog post below, I thought I’d follow up with a “DIY Home Decor” post. I love finding new ways to make a “do it yourself” project out of simple home decor pieces. I know there are thousands of ideas all over the web, but here are 10 clever ideas that stood out to me:

1. Painted Wooden Spoons – Such a simple but great way to add some character to your kitchen. Click here for a full tutorial.

2. Driftwood Vases – A very unique decor piece and easy to put together.  Click here for a full tutorial.

3. Pen Pots – Something simple to decorate your desk or office space.  Click here for a full tutorial.

4. Wood Towel Hooks – Chic towel hooks for your bathroom, or hang them in your room for scarfs. Click here for a full tutorial.

5. Reclaimed Window Coffee Table – Might take a little more effort than the other DIYs, but the payoff is worth it. Take an old cabinet (or find one at a thrift store) and add some legs on the bottom to get a gorgeous coffee table with storage space.

6. Painted Terra Cotta Pots – Instead of the boring, white plant pots, try this idea to decorate your patio. Click here for a full tutorial.

7. Chalkboard Serving Platter – Such a clever way to display food for a social gathering.  Click here for a full tutorial.

8. Yarn Wrapped Bottles – Grab colorful yarn and Modge Podge for this fun decor piece. Same technique can be done with mason jars as well. Click here for the full tutorial.

9. Painted Driftwood Hanger – Hang scarfs, jewelry and more with this simple DIY project. Click here for the full tutorial.

10. Fabric-Covered Bookshelf – Glue some fabric or even scrapbook paper on the back of a bookshelf to give it some character.

Wall Galleries

I’d like to highlight my new favorite thing: wall galleries! I’m totally obsessed with them right now. I’m currently trying to make my own wall gallery in my new apartment, so I thought I’d share some of these cute wall galleries as inspiration for you to try one in your home!