Animal Sweaters

Bring out your playful side this holiday season with some trendy animal sweaters! From owls to cats, these graphic sweaters have translated into a fun, winter trend. Everyone loves a chunky, knit sweater, especially when it has an animal face stitched to the front. Check out these 10 adorable animal sweaters for inspiration.

Peter Pan Collars

A funny name, but classy trend, the Peter Pan Collars are catching on quick. Taking a retro neckline and making it new and modern, the Peter Pan Collars are a hit trend for fall. Here are some examples below to get inspired!

Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

Looking to stock up your closet for the colder weather? Check out these top 10 fashion/style trends for fall 2012.

1. Leopard Loafers

2. Leather

3. Capes

4. Ankle Boots

5. Knits

6. Military

7. Elbow Patch

8. Floral

9. Gold

10. Polka Dots

DIY Style

When you make your own DIY clothing articles and accessories, you’re really adding a unique and personal touch to your wardrobe. And lets face it, it’s fun! DIY is all the rage now, and I can definitely see why. So, if you’re feeling crafty on a random Sunday afternoon, here are some DIY ideas to create cute, one-of-a-kind looks.

1. Floral Pocket – Cut a floral pattern and sew it onto a basic tee to dress it up. Easy peasy.

2. Braided Leather Bracelet – Not as hard as it looks to create this fun accessory. Click here for a full tutorial.

3. Fabric Shorts – Find a fun, piece fabric to sew on top of old, cut off shorts. Absolutely adorable! Click here for a full tutorial.

4. Beach Tote – Follow this tutorial to create a cute tote you can bring to the beach. Click here for a full tutorial.

5. Zippered Tank – Sew/glue a zipper onto the back of a razor tank top. You can cut a tank top to look like the image below if you don’t already own a razor back.

6. Lace Shorts – Add a lace trim to the bottom of any jean shorts for a cute, summer look. Click here for a full tutorial.

7. Jersey Braided Scarf – Pick two colored jersey fabrics, braid them together and sew. Click here for a full tutorial.

8. Turn a plain t-shirt into a work of art. Grab a pair of scissors and have at it.

9. Rainbow Cut Offs – Fun, colorful dyes is all you need to make these DIY rainbow cut off shorts. 

10. Glitter Heels – Glam up old heels with a little glitter on the bottom soles. Click here for the full tutorial.

Dots, Dots, Polka Dots

My new craving of the week is polka dots! Large dots, small dots, dots on dots and colorful dots. So many kinds, so many choices. This vintage style has made its way back into a current, top trend.

Dots are so classic and fun, I just can’t get enough of them. Here are 10 inspirations that are spot on with this dotted trend.

Backs With Sass

My most recent style obsession right now are backs with sass. Open backs, cute cutouts, bows, straps, low cuts and more. This playful new trend allows women to show off parts of their back in a fun way. Just make sure to expose the right amount of skin. If it’s low in the back, it doesn’t need to be low in the front.

Sheer Happiness

Blouses, skirts & maxi dresses, the sheer trend is hot for summer. Watch out though because this trend has some fine lines between classy and trashy. Make sure you’re not revealing your black bra in the office.

Lovely Lace

Lace is flirty, girly, classy, and it’s blowing up the department stores right now. The key to rocking this hot style for summer is to pick one lace item whether it’s a dress, skirt, top, shoes or shorts to complete your outfit. Also, pick the right color & fit that coordinates with your body and style, and you’re good to go.

Here are 10 awesome lace-inspired looks to get excited about it!

Get Your Green On

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, and everyone will be raiding their closets for green. To wear for luck? To celebrate the Irish? Who knows. But if you don’t pull out some green apparel or accessory, you’re bound to get pinched.

Here are some green inspirations to go a more fashionable route for St. Patty’s Day. After all, green is a very popular trend right now. From sea foam, mint to kelly green, this color is hitting the web hard. How will you get your green on this weekend?