DIY Style

When you make your own DIY clothing articles and accessories, you’re really adding a unique and personal touch to your wardrobe. And lets face it, it’s fun! DIY is all the rage now, and I can definitely see why. So, if you’re feeling crafty on a random Sunday afternoon, here are some DIY ideas to create cute, one-of-a-kind looks.

1. Floral Pocket – Cut a floral pattern and sew it onto a basic tee to dress it up. Easy peasy.

2. Braided Leather Bracelet – Not as hard as it looks to create this fun accessory. Click here for a full tutorial.

3. Fabric Shorts – Find a fun, piece fabric to sew on top of old, cut off shorts. Absolutely adorable! Click here for a full tutorial.

4. Beach Tote – Follow this tutorial to create a cute tote you can bring to the beach. Click here for a full tutorial.

5. Zippered Tank – Sew/glue a zipper onto the back of a razor tank top. You can cut a tank top to look like the image below if you don’t already own a razor back.

6. Lace Shorts – Add a lace trim to the bottom of any jean shorts for a cute, summer look. Click here for a full tutorial.

7. Jersey Braided Scarf – Pick two colored jersey fabrics, braid them together and sew. Click here for a full tutorial.

8. Turn a plain t-shirt into a work of art. Grab a pair of scissors and have at it.

9. Rainbow Cut Offs – Fun, colorful dyes is all you need to make these DIY rainbow cut off shorts. 

10. Glitter Heels – Glam up old heels with a little glitter on the bottom soles. Click here for the full tutorial.

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